Monday, April 29, 2013

20 Months Old

Not too sure what’s Baby Alaina’s weight now but she sure has grown-up. We are panting loads every time we carry her from our car back to the apartment. We try to let her walk whenever possible but sometimes under the hot sun, in the interest of time, sweat a lil suddenly doesn’t sound as much to our old bones.
She is also quickly outgrowing her clothes; she can barely fit into her 2-3T size now. Prompting Mommy to dress her up in her princess dresses often regardless of occasions :p
Hey, gotta make the money spent counted right?

At 20 months old, her development is great. Still lazy on the talking front and prefers to use her fingers to do the talking…err… me mean pointing instead. She is very vocal on the stuff that she wants and is not afraid to resort to use whining and fake howling to get her ways.
Sometimes we contemplate to discipline her but more often than not, we let her be, she is still a baby after all.

She does not adore the shutter much; it’s quite hard to take a picture of her smiling at the camera. What she adores though, is her brother. She copies everything that her brother does and follows him everywhere.
Sometimes it amuses Samuel and other times it drives him to the wall but no doubt that the brother adores her as much too.

Alaina is also excellent when it comes to motor skills. She’s a climber and can really climb… and she ain’t scared of the nothing….. yet. Until she grasps the meaning of danger, we guess we just have to watch her like a hawk.
And oh, she can pull up her own pants now. Not perfect, her pants still stuck midway her butt but hey, wearing her own pants! :O
That’s really somethin’ considering she learnt it on her own will. No teaching what-so-ever from us :O

She also likes self-feeding, self-brushing teeth, self-bathing, self-wearing-shoes… self-everything.
But absolutely loathe self-playing. She wants company all the time :O
Only around us it seems. At the Nanny’s, she’s quite independent we heard.

Hmmm…. Selective manja eh


The one that almost slipped Mommy's mind.
We made it up by having Samuel's favortite; Cheese Fondue at Edelweiss Cafe.
Happy Birthday Daddy!
Love this candid yet innocent shot.
Happy Birthday Grandpa!
We celebrated a tad earlier with a nice dinner before Po Po left back for the kampong for the coming big Sunday.
Happy Birthday Po Po!