Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Follow the Leader

For a baby who adores copying her elder brother, funny that Alaina does not follow Samuel’s one absolutely love…
Watching the TV!

Not that we encourage TV time but healthy amount of TV time is good. Samuel is picking-up a lot from ‘em TV shows; more good than bad we have to say. Especially during his early years when he picked up tons of vocab and tons of logics from ‘em kids programme.
He also gave us lots of free time and hands to do house stuff when he busied himself with the TV.
And for this reason alone, sometimes we wish Alaina would watches the TV more….

Ah well, until she learns…. Mommy guess doing house work with a baby wrapped around the waist ain’t that bad….:p

You shake, I shake

You dance, I dance

Friday, May 17, 2013

Singapore 2013 trip: Singapore Science Center

Though we have been to Singapore countless times and been to some of the better known attractions several times, we have yet to visit the Singapore Science Center.
It really seems fit that we made the time this round since Samuel is all for ‘em techo-science-y (:p) stuff. Just look at how much he enjoyed his last outing at the Petrosains.
Science …confusing yet enlightening ….  nerdy yet cool.… what not to love?

On the second day of our vacation, we embarked on a journey to the science center; by bus and MRT and foot; which took us more one and a half hour from one end of Singapore to the other .... almost end. We alighted at Jurong East Station and walked a short 10 mins to our destination.

To the Science Center we went
It was almost noon when we reached, leaves us less than half a day there, thus, we only got the tickets for entrance to the center sans the Omni Theatre and the Snow City 

Samuel could appreciate most of the exhibits, the same cannot be said for his sister though. But she definitely did not mind the look-look see-see
Photobomb by Samuel
Alaina didn’t want to miss-out too
We were aiming for a good shot of this actually.
Pretty ain’t it?
The Earth Quake Stimulation

A closer look
Just because
Some good ‘ol water fun.
And Alaina approves!
The only fun she truly enjoyed…. leaves ‘em all edu-stuff for next visit :p
It started to drizzle right about the time we got off the water-play area. Heavy downpour followed soon after when we were about ready to leave.
We had wanted to book a cab to bring us back to Pasir Ris then. But after several attempts to get through the booking hotline and 20 mins wait, we decided to brave through the almost-subsided-rain to make our way to the MRT station.

Love this farewell shot before we left
It was another more than an hour journey back home. No easy feat keeping Alaina still for the long MRT ride.
But, we came prepared.
Daddy had interactive games and songs saved into his mobile to keep the kids happy and occupied : )

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Singapore 2013 Trip: Marina Bay Night Lights

Knowing that our vacation will most probably revolve around Samuel’s school holiday this year, we planned for our Singapore trip well ahead.
We actually got our air-ticket last year when we were planning for our Christmas holiday. Tickets to down south cost a bomb then. Although this March school holiday’s fares were not at its best promotional price, they still cost only half of last December fares :O

… Excuse us for sounding like silai-s, $$ ain’t easy to come buy these days. Not to say that it has ever been effortless… Not at all.

The past months have been exceptional cray-cray. Utter busyness with working and non-working trips, meetings and more meetings, schooling and kids, house stuffs and more stuff …..
So, all of us were really looking forward our Singapore trip….

We travelled light with only one backpack or hand carry each. We left most babies’ essential behind and sourced ‘em at Singapore, including Alaina’s formula milk. With no check-in baggage, we ain’t wanna risk being ‘detained’ for carrying ‘powder’ over, ‘ya see :p.

Penang airport

Ready to take off
Our journey there was smooth with Alaina behaving relatively subdue (you have no idea how active she can be at times :O) and Samuel at one of his best.
We had an early lunch at the airport when we reached before headed to Fyone Yee Yee’s place.
She had come back during her lunch break to greet us :D, muakks

Singapore airport
We spent the whole afternoon resting and lazing at home before meeting up with Fyone Yee Yee for early dinner again. With his cousin's back, Samuel had no short of fun even was confined at home.

The itinerary for the evening was Marina Bay night lights. We took the MRT and made our way there by foot via the Esplanade. We chanced upon a symphony performance by the local university on the way; some classical music and another piece with the unique erhu. Mesmerizing!


er snap :p

er listening !
We then continued to walk to a stadium by the lake (? couldn’t recall what place it is called) and hang around there for a while enjoying the lights.

Fyone Yee Yee then suggested we go for the very unique Supertree, Garden By The Bay which supposing-ly should be nearby.

And so, we started to walk though the Singapore Double Helix Bridge and walk and walk …..

Until finally we reached Marina Bay Sands Hotel but fell short of entering the Garden. It was well past the Garden opening hours and the kids were tired.
We aborted our mission then and hailed a cab to head home.

And ‘ya think all of us would be on our reserved batteries when we reached home? Ain’t the case for the kids....
Samuel and Hanxin still went for supper together with the very energetic Fyone Yee Yee.

Mommy and Alaina crashed though : )

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

2012 KL Trip Write Up

Yup, not a typo. The KL trip was back in 2012. Mommy just realise that Mommy has forgotten to post a summarised write-up.....
But that's not the bad news... Mommy also just came to realise that all the trip + some other pictures were missing from the archives. Must be lost in transition when Mommy changed her terminal then.

Anyway, here's the links to the packed post.
Alaina was still a baby then, lotsa blood, tears and sweat (hah! Mommy's new favorite saying :p) were shed planning the trip

  1. Night Lights
    Hours of driving and hours of resting before we managed to set foot there.
    Thereafter, we continued with more driving and traffic jam before we reached the magnificent night lights of Dong Zen Temple.
    The lights were awesome.
  2. KLCC and Petrosains
    The kids had loads of fun with water and science.... sans Alaina. She was still too young to appreciate those yet
  3. Indoor Playground
    The kids had fun loads again! at the indoor playground before bode KL farewell

Pacifier Off

Well, that was easy…. errr… not hard...  err... we mean not as hard as we have anticipated :p

It has been more than a week since we last offered Alaina her pacifier and we can now safely declare that days of the pacifier has passed.

We started Alaina on her pacifier at 10 months when we weaned her off the breast; she had been quite attached to it since. Though she didn’t ask for it often, she did keep her pacifier close to her throughout her nights. It was troubling at one time when we notice that she couldn’t sleep without it.
We initially planned to wean her off after her 2 years old birthday but decided to bring forward our plan when she shows signs of readiness after our Singapore trip back in March.

Knowing how fussy our baby can be, we were prepared for the worst; sleepless nights and all.
Surprisingly though, there ain’t no blood, tears and sweat …..err….actually got a ‘lil bit of tears la :p

The first night was easy. Mommy told her there’s no more pacifier as the butterfly has taken it away. And that Alaina is a big gal already and no need the pacifier anymore.
She then slept with her pao-pao (bolster) with no fuss … at all. And she slept through without waking up for her pacifier.

The second day afternoon nap was a bit more difficult. Perhaps she was wondering why the butterfly is still keeping her pacifier :p
She cried a bit and Mommy had to carry her to sleep.

She continued to make sad cooing sound and protest for the next few days with occasional waking up in the night asking for her pacifier….
Minor though, nothing that we couldn’t handle.

We are pretty sure that she has get used to being without it now.... Although she still asks for its whereabouts on and off…
Saja may be?


Where is my pacifier le?