Tuesday, May 07, 2013

2012 KL Trip Write Up

Yup, not a typo. The KL trip was back in 2012. Mommy just realise that Mommy has forgotten to post a summarised write-up.....
But that's not the bad news... Mommy also just came to realise that all the trip + some other pictures were missing from the archives. Must be lost in transition when Mommy changed her terminal then.

Anyway, here's the links to the packed post.
Alaina was still a baby then, lotsa blood, tears and sweat (hah! Mommy's new favorite saying :p) were shed planning the trip

  1. Night Lights
    Hours of driving and hours of resting before we managed to set foot there.
    Thereafter, we continued with more driving and traffic jam before we reached the magnificent night lights of Dong Zen Temple.
    The lights were awesome.
  2. KLCC and Petrosains
    The kids had loads of fun with water and science.... sans Alaina. She was still too young to appreciate those yet
  3. Indoor Playground
    The kids had fun loads again! at the indoor playground before bode KL farewell

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