Sunday, June 30, 2013


Then when we asked for kisses, Alaina would lend her cheek.
When we asked for sayang, she would move her cheek near. A gesture for us to kiss her cheek and not the other way around.

Of course Daddy was not satisfied with only the one-way affection, so Daddy began to coach our gal a few weeks back. To Mommy surprise, almost immediately Alaina grasps the art of smooching :O
Wow, what's Daddy secret?
'Cos Mommy has been asking for good night kisses almost nightly to no avail but with Daddy, Alaina seems to be more generous...
Next time if we need something from Alaina, perhaps Daddy should do the asking eh?

2013 Singapore Trip Write-up

  1. Marina Bay Night Lights
    We forgot when was the last time we walked so far for good lights :p

  2. Singapore Science Center
    Awesome kids' science

  3. Universal Studio Singapore
    Samuel is old enough for much of the rides, Alaina though.... next round may be.

  4. Pasir Ris

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Singapore 2013 Trip: Pasir Ris

Are you overdosed with photos of kids playing water yet?

What’s that we hear?

Couldn’t get enough?
Alrite! Here’s some more…

On our last day in Singapore, we took it easy. Though the kids begged to differ…. we adults were almost flatted out from ‘em adventures the few days before.
We slept late into the morning, had late breakfast and lazed around the house before got up on our feet to head out for another water encounter.
To the nearby Sport and Recreation Center this time.

It’s a public center but boy, the place sure was kept very well. We were impressed, worth to mention too that the entrance fee was super reasonable at SGD2 only.

Afternoon saw us lazed around the house again, the kids tired out finally and took a short nap. Only a short one though. They woke up refreshed later in the afternoon and were all ready for a second round of running about.

We thought though, cycling would be a better choice : )

To the nearby park we went then.
We hired the bikes for the kids,

Alaina included : )
Yup, kiddy bike was available too.

Though we would love to stay longer, we headed back after a very short hour walking in the park. We gotta rush to the airport ya see. Our flight back to Penang was later that evening.

So yup, after a dinner together at the airport, we wrapped up our Singapore vacation.
We had the usual teary eyes, we had the usual reluctant good-byes….
But we had our usual promise of another get-together too. So it was not all soapy after all.
The kids have something to look forward to and they are counting the days to the next school holidays.

 Which is not too far away… Don’t ‘ya think?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Singapore 2013 Trip: Universal Studio Singapore

The Singapore school holiday schedule differs a bit from Malaysia’s. The school there had just re-opened when we travelled down for our last vacation (yes, still on March school holiday, not the mid-year school holiday just past), thus it was schooling days for Hanxin Kor Kor for the first 2 days we were there.
But not the third day. It was the Good Friday then and was an observed public holiday in Singapore.
Yippee Yay Yay!
Hanxin Kor Kor and Fyone Yee Yee were able to join us for the much awaited Universal Studio Singapore visit!

Getting ready early in the morning.

Though it was not early when we reached the Studio, with 3 kids in tow, we would say, reaching there by 11 in the morning is a big win : )

The iconic USS Globe was too occupied. We couldn’t squeeze into frame to take a photo.
So this would have to do,

A group photo to mark our entrance.

The weather was warm though cloudy.
The kids hydrate ‘emselves while waiting for the adults to settle ‘em tickets and stuff.

 Love this shot!
First stop was at the New York for Lights, Camera & Action by Steven Spielberg after aborted the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase. The queue to the space was just too long…
Actually the queues were long everywhere; people-mountain-people-sea. It’s a wonder how the tiny USS could house so many visitors for a day!

The boys enjoyed the awesome live stage effect to the max. Alaina was intimidated by the loud sound though, even with her ears plugged. She cried buckets but still managed to applause at the end of the show when everybody was clapping. Intimidated yet intrigued!

Next stop was to the Sci-Fi City. The boys; Daddy included, together with Fyone Yee Yee (we shall refer them here on as ‘the gang’ :p)went for the Accelerator and Transformers Ultimate 3D Battle Ride.
Mommy and Mei Mei sat this one out .…. Actually Mommy and Mei Mei sat all rides out :p

The queue for the Transformers ride was super long at more than 90 mins :O L
uckily we came prepared with biscuits and H2O to replenish energy while waiting in the long queue. And luckily the station was well designed with trivia and exhibits to entertain the queue. Else one could only imagine how impatient the guests could become when made to queue for hours :O

And wait somemore
And somemore wait

The ride did not disappoint, the gang loves it. Samuel rates it as one of his 2 most favorite rides.
The other one? Wait for it : )

Mommy and Alaina walked around Sci-Fi City while waiting for the gang. We managed to catch a few actors/actresses on the street and also watched some street dance. Alaina was not amused…
She took a noon nap shortly after and Mommy retreated to the StarBot Café for lunch.

After the gang rejoined us for late lunch, we moved on to the next station, the Ancient Egypt.

The adventurous Daddy went for the Revenge of the Mummy Ride….alone! while the rest of us queued up for the Treasure Hunters Ride. A baby friendly ride finally, and Alaina was in her good mood queuing up together with us.

Imagine our frustration when after a 45 minutes queue, it was announced that the outdoor ride has to be temporarily closed due to poor weather :O

Alaina has no idea why she was made to queue and then not…
Double sigh….No ride at the end.

With a heavy heart, we moved on and reached The Lost World. The kids lit up again. Good weather or not, it was water play time. A play which Alaina could truly enjoyed : )


It poured right about the time we were done with the water play; we retreated to the Discovery Food Court for some snacks while waiting for the rain to subside. When it did not after a while, the gang braved the rain and made their way to the Far Far Away Land

for the Shrek 4D Adventures and Enchanted Airways Roller Coaster thrill Ride :O
Our little Samuel let out only a few soft screams throughout the ride. Wow!

And the gang did not stop there, they continued with the Madagascar Crate Adventure, a rather slow ride in comparison.

Mommy had wanted to bring Alaina for the 4D show too but Alaina just won’t cooperate. We abandoned after a short queue and went for the Madagascar King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round instead… for a few rounds since Alaina quite like the ride.

It was half past 6 in the evening when we were done with Madagascar and were ready to call it a day when Daddy brought the 2 boys to one other last ride; the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure. Daddy reckoned that Samuel would enjoy it knowing how much he loves dinosaurs.
The ride was closed momentarily when they were there but the boys did not give up, they waited and waited and by luck, after about 15 mins, the ride re-opened with the guys first in the queue!

Yippee Yay Yay!
The boys got their ride and Daddy was right, Samuel enjoyed it to the max. His absolute favorite together with the Transformers Ride of all the rides!

Though we missed a few shows and rides due to poor weather, the day at the USS was happening nevertheless. Rides and adventures came first while photo shooting took a back seat. We did not take any photo with any Hollywood actors simply because it was too time consuming :p
Next time perhaps : )

Another round of supper back at home before retired to bed.
Kids, with bottomless usable energy!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I am Mei Mei

Babies sure grow up fast…. It seems like only yesterday that we were commenting Alaina likes to use her fingers to do her talking for her.

Ain’t the case anymore now…. Alaina has been picking up vocabs in truck load since a few weeks back when Mommy was taking a pause from blogging (long tory).

She speaks in a mixture of both English and Mandarin but clear as crystal nevertheless.
She still likes to use hand gestures to make her point and enunciate loudly.
Dramatic? Yes, but works every time!

She has also become more confident in telling us about her toilet business. More often than not, she will tell us when she wants to poo now instead of then, when she only tells us after she has done with her big business :p

Perhaps has something to do with acquiring the vocab “ng ng and poo poo” :D

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Slow Dance

Even though we knew that Samuel’s milk teeth are dropping soon, we still had his two upper incisors filled back in December when he visited the Dentist. According to the dentist then, those teeth still have a good half a year before they would fall.

True enough, almost half a year on, his upper incisors began to shake. Not mambo shake but waltzing sway.
It’s a ‘lil annoying sometimes, getting in the way when he eats and stuff. One of ‘em finally dropped a few weeks ago but the other is still fairly intact….

Well, it is not getting any less upsetting, so might as well grin and flash ‘em new pearly whites eh?

3 down, another.... gasp! ..... 20 something to go!