Monday, August 26, 2013

Alaina Turns TWO

A birthday party photolog

Dressing up
For my birthday party
And I’m super happy
Remember the ‘rabbit’ pose?
With Jiu Mu and Big Yee Yee coaching Alaina,
Alaina masters the ‘
rabbit’ almost instantly : )
Super model for the day
Step and repeat :p
Getting chatty with Grandma
We have the food catered and have comfy lunch at home
Cocktail for dessert
Missed Godma as Godma was away for a retreat.
Prezzie made it to the party though : )
 Little Butterfly Birthday Cake
Lots of luv
Sending her guests off
Before opening her prezzies
Lots of pink
Her favorite is the masak-masak set
Happy Birthday Darling

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Escape Theme Park Adventure

Continue from where we left off last post, we’ll let the pictures do the talking

The Escape Adventure Theme Park

Checking out the reception area while we get our tickets.
Adults had to pay in full while there was a 50% off tickets price for kids during the school holiday.

We also gotta get this ‘credit card’ for spending in the park; meals and drinks and stuff….. not cheap. We spent around RM700 all-in
Wasting no time, we went straight for the Monkey Business attraction.
Long wait line
Kids stopped by the Zoom Bug go-kart while waiting
Apparently, Mommy didn’t get the imaginary memo.
The color of the day is red-ish. Mommy was the odd one out : (

After 20 mins wait, we were prepped for the tree-top challenge
We signed-up for level one. That’s the rule; one gotta complete the lower level before advancing to higher level.
The adults were game for more challenge but the min. age for level 2 and 3 participation is 12… bummer!

Very important briefing. No more than 1 challenger on any of the rope and no more than 3 challengers on any of the pole station.
If any challenger unable to proceed due to any reason, wait for the Park Ranger to come and rescue.
Heading to the level 1 tree top station

 More waiting

And waiting. ….
‘Traffic jam’; the line was not moving as there was a rescue-in-operation. Park Rangers were rescuing a terrified kid from the pole. He refused to continue with the course.

After another 30 mins of waiting, the first group crossed the course starting line.

We had a sandwich system; 2 adults chaperoning 1 kid. Big Jiu Jiu led the pack, followed by Hanxin Kor Kor

and then sandwiched by Jiu Mu. Second group line-up was; Small Jiu Jiu, Samuel and Mommy

Jam again. There was another rescue operation in front. Another terrified kid spotted.

After yet again a 25 mins wait, second group crossed the starting line.
That added up to almost 1 hour and 15 mins wait before all of us could start the challenge :O
And what was Alaina doing while waiting for us?

Her own version of the Zoom Bug go-kart
Walking around and watching us from the ground

Samuel had his reservation before embarking his challenge. He did actually ask if he would be rescued too if he couldn’t make it. We were a bit concern but positive that Samuel would ace it. He has the right attitude and .... a great cheering group : )

 He nailed it …..
with fair share of nervousness
but ease overall

 Mommy in action

Crawling through a dangling tunnel
The first of the 2 short flying fox

 Assisted by the crew as the kids are a tad short to reach the plank

Similar plank challenge

A few more rope routes to complete the course

 That is Samuel Kor Kor at the finishing line
With the last flying fox to the grand finale

Waiting for the crew to unfix his harness
So nonchalant and so composed :O

A breather after completing the Monkey Tree Challenge
If one does not know, one may think Samuel does this everyday like eating peanuts. So cool about the whole thing :O
After a breather and lunch, we headed for the Tubby Racer. A gigantic slide down the hill on a gigantic tube

 All riders are made to pull their tube up the hill for the slide

And it ain’t no easy peasy job. The hill is steep and the tube weighs several pounds. Several kids stuck mid-way and we ended up helping to pull several of ‘em tubes up the hill for them.

2 times ‘cos we went for a second round too.
 That’s a lot of job for the few seconds of thrill.

The kids of course, said it was all worth it.

But I wanna play the tubby race too

Come! Come!

Big Yee Yee relented and let Alaina rolled a bit on the foot hill thick foam

She’s enjoying nevertheless

It’s Discovery Dig next door after the race
How to pan?
Ooo, we found one!

Ready to weigh in his take

A medal for the hardworking digger

 Mission accomplished

Mommy took Alaina to the Kids Playroom (air-cond : )) for her to settle down for a nap later while the rest continue with the Gecko Tower Climb

Ain’t no mountain too high for me
Err…. we mean tower : )

Another mission accomplished
Samuel took a raincheck and went for the Tots Trail instead. A play structure designed for kids under 12 years of age.
Alaina adores this too; she managed to play a little after her little nap. No photos taken on her play time though.
The kids managed to explore another 2 attractions before the park closed at 6pm.

The caving adventure Foxy Burrow

 Only kids allowed

And A-Maze together with Big Jiu Jiu.
It’s a maze in darkness.
And oh, Big Jiu Jiu, Small Jiu Jiu and Jiu Mu went for the Tarzan’s Rope too. A thrilling swing that gets the adrenaline pumping.
Too bad, it’s time to leave after that. The gang was all really quite pumped up......
Ah well, there will always be another time and another visit for another swing.

On our way out
We had an escape-cellent time!