Monday, September 30, 2013

THE Party

In pictures
About to start

The sky clears just in time for the party

Catching up

Card Fight Vanguard found its fans

Party food

Bon App├ętit



My dearest Mei Mei

My dearest Daddy and Mommy
The cake

Gather around
The crowd ...sans a few

Games time

Shoot 'em darts here

Aiming for the bull eye

Puzzles hunting

Playin' with Big Jiu Jiu amidst
And Po Po

And Mommy

The end score

Prize presentation

Our rewards

Good sports

Bye Bye

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pokemon Theme Birthday Party - The Planning

On Party Food
Initially, we thought of getting the same caterer that we hired for Alaina’s birthday but after finalised our invitation list, it's no longer an option.
We wanted halal food thus beginning our search for halal caterer. We also considered getting the party food from KFC and Dominos but then the food selections are limited.

At the end, we settle for Bamboo Catering. We got their afternoon tea package and opted for food-only menu with no settings and servers.

Seafood Pasta
Chicken Bite
Tuna Croissant
Egg Roll
Mini Tartlets
Mini Pastries
Not from the caterer:
Red Eggs
More snacks
And drinks

On Games
Now, how could kid’s party be called a party in the absence of games?
Since it’s a Pokemon Theme Party, we wanted the games to be Pokemon related. We thought of having the guess-the-Pokemon-name game and the Pokemon-card-fight game. But then, we expect not all the guests are Pokemon fans thus those few who do not speak Pokemon will be on the disadvantage side.
The games cannot rely on ones knowledge of the Pokemon world. So we came out with another 2 games.

1. Dart Game

Bull Eye 

It’s pretty hard to find the suitable Pokemon sticker actually. Very little Pokemon merchandise available in the market, taken over by the Minion craze?

2. 2-in-1 Treasure Hunt and solve the Pokemon Puzzle Game

Small Jiu Jiu and Jiu Mu helped to design the game.
There was a technical glitch while navigating the treasure hunting but at the end, the hunting mechanism proved to be a non-factor. The kids were not interested to solve the riddle but to hunt for the hidden puzzles.
The game ended great with all the kids managed to solve their puzzles.

On Party Favor
We did not pack any individual party favors for Samuel’s friends this year since we were having the party at home. Instead, we prepared gifts for all the kids who participated in the games.
We divided the kids into 3 groups and had them played the games as a team.

Team with the highest score would get these
followed by these
and these

Again, really-really hard to find Pokemon merchandise in the market. We sapu almost all Pokemon related stuff when we saw ‘em from this Sunday market near our place.

Next year, we gotta think of an easier theme.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pokemon Theme Birthday Party - The Invitation Card

This year, Samuel’s birthday party was a months-in-making affair.
The planning started months ago on securing a venue, coming out with a guest list, the invitation, the suitable dates, the food …

OK. That does not sound like a lot of work but it took us months to plan as we have been super busy for the past months and we could only squeeze-in time a lil here and there to plan for his big day.
To avert heavy workload, we even formed a Party Committee to oversee his party planning :p

With his party venue firmed up, the next important task was to come up with the invitation card.
‘Ya see, Samuel wanted to invite some of his friends from his former ex-day care, some from his former current-day care (confusing? that’s another story another time) and some from his school. Just thinking of how to get the invitation across and rsvp from the guests is migraine inducing enough, not to mention actually doing it.
But then again, we have a very capable Party Planning Committee. We ain’t going down without tryin’ :p

Fyone Yee Yee helped with the card samples and Big Jiu Jiu assumed the role of Creative Director cum Graphic Designers for the invitation card.
We wanted a card that is catchy and fun and with a detachable reply slip for easy rsvp.

Big Jiu Jiu came out with 8 designs

Samuel wanted all of them. And so all of ‘em was printed; a few copies each.
Big Jiu Jiu offered to have them printed in cutesy colorful card and couriered all the way from the capitol :O
Mommy though, deemed that would be too troublesome and opted to have them printed in normal paper from the printing shop here.
Awesome just the same
We have a happy client here


When Alaina fell asleep in the car on our way back from the mall early in the day last Wednesday, we thought of nothing but perhaps our gal need a nap.
Little did we know, she has most probably caught a stomach bug by then as the symptoms slowly showed one by one later in that evening.

Though down with fever, Alaina was still active and relatively well when we brought her to see her Pead the next morning, thus mild medication was prescribed. For the next few day though, the stomach flu bug got fiercer and Alaina totally lost her mojo by day 3.
She only recovered after we took her to her Pead for a second visit when stronger medication was administered. (It had to be said here though, we are impressed. The nurses at the doc clinic. They are courteous and know their stuff well : ))

Some solid food finally
Yes, I am recovering....
Now excuse me ‘cos I need to take care of Mommy. Looks like the bug has found its way into Mommy’s guts :O

Sunday, September 15, 2013


The kids have big says in decorating their new room. Especially in picking out the colors. It’s an easy guess for Alaina we suppose, since she identifies all colors as ‘pink color’.
For Samuel, it’s all on the table. We showed him the palette and he immediately clicked with the gold shade. We tried to suggest other calmer colors as oppose to the active sunny gold but Samuel wouldn’t budge. We let the matter cool for a few days before asking him again but he is sticking with his choice.
At the end, we concur that it is indeed a great shade. His room is absolutely lovely and lively.

2 tones for a ‘lil contrast
Cozy 'lil corner
Princess pink for Alaina  
Also 2 tones for contrast 
The kids are loving it