Friday, November 08, 2013

We Love School Holidays

Knowing how taxing schooling could be nowadays and knowing how much effort Samuel puts into his new routine this year (apparently, not as reasonable much as we would have preferred) we try to plan for a getaway every time Samuel gets a school break.

During his first short semester holiday in March, it was the Singapore vacation.
For his longer break in June, it was the Penang Escape and Escapade.
And for the August short break that followed, we planned for a 4 days Raya break to KL. Coincide with a timely visit to our new nephew as well : )
Congrats to our ‘lil Sis and family : )  

It’s a gathering for all the up north, central and down south kids. Suffice it to say, dull is not a vocab familiar to us during the trip. Here’s a snapshot of Day 1

Mommy fell sick 2 days prior to our travelling but still drove down nevertheless. Stiff neck and cough worsened throughout the day though.
We reached in time for dinner joined by Xuan Yi and Le Le
Light moments
Light moments too
Light moments three
Me wants some of those too
Back in Big Jiu Jiu’s place
Posing for the camera
Don’t want rabbit pose?
Lets pose like Le Le Jie Jie then
: )

Thursday, November 07, 2013

2013 Penang Escapade Write Up

  1. Part Une
    We have visitors!
  2. Partie deux des quatre
    An Escape Theme Park Adventure
  3. La troisième partie de quatre
    The cool and misty Gunung Jerai
  4. Finale de la partie
    Tears and love, hugs and byes