Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays

Samuel wants to keep the tree as a surprise until our Christmas Eve Dinner party....
Making an appearance now

Ta daa!
All 7 feet of 'em with gold, bronze and red sparkly
With prezzies
: )
It had been a while since Mommy last cook but we think this year, ya.. we are ready to take up the challenge. Presenting the Christmas feast
Penne with bolognese and herbs and cheese sauce
Spicy tuna spaghetti aglio e olio

Apple and Garden Salad

Cheese baked mashed potatoes

Stollen Bread from Christine Jiu Mu

And Christmas Log Cake from the bakery
Wishing all a very

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kidzania KL

Day 3 in KL was a weird-total-head-scratching day for Mommy.

We organized ourselves into 2 groups.  

The first gang began the day early to make way to Kidzania; Big Jiu Jiu, Big Yee Yee and Fyone Yee Yee chaperoned the kids; Hanxin, Samuel, Xuan Yi and Xuan Le.
For those who are interested, Kidzania is a park that allows kids to role play. Parents need not to guide the kids while they are playing, the park has pros hired to do that. It’s a park for the kids and there is no game or role-playing what-so-ever for adults. Guardians who enter the park to accompany their kids will have absolutely nothing to do but look-see look-see.
And they are required to pay the same entrance fees.
In another words, adults will find the place dull while kids enjoy themselves max.

We are here

And we gonna have fun
And had fun we did
Fireman in action
At the workshop station mechanic-ing
Waiting for their turn at
At the TV-station
with big kickin’ product placement :p

Courier service
Constructions guy
A lil magic here
Adults mostly take-on a passive role as spectators and cheerers
And perhaps many more awesome moments but Mommy was not on-the-ground to cover the event live :p

This is where Mommy was……

Second gang began the day later in the morning; Mommy, Po Po, Small Jiu Jiu and Christine Jiu Mu chaperoned little princess Alaina
We went for a heavy and nice lunch
And then made our way to Ikea for some shopping
And Mommy walked and walked and walked

And then suddenly Mommy felt squeezey

There was a super crowded crowd at Ikea

There was hardly any room to walk….

Or to breathe in that matter

Mommy broke out from the group to look for some air

Pass 2 washrooms but with super long queue

And the crowd was not willing to give way, not even to the washroom sink

Mommy couldn’t care less then and dashed to the tab

The rest was history….

While Mommy was sick, Alaina being the Angel she was, played with Small Jiu Jiu and Christine Jiu Mu.
And did not make any fuss.
Perhaps very aware that Mommy was sick and perhaps very stunned on why all of the sudden Mommy fell ill.
Well, that makes 2 of us.
Mommy had no idea why too.
What even more head-scratching was, Mommy miraculously ‘recovered’ when we reached home later. Strong as a cow, loud as a

What do ‘ya think? A case of momentarily agoraphobia?

Friday, December 13, 2013

We Are Going Swimming

It seems odd that we don’t use the pool facility as often as we would like when we were staying at our old apartment,
and now that we don’t have a luxury pool close to home, all we could think of is how to get access to the pool…

Ah well, at least now we can finally make use of our recreation club members’ privilege.

We signed Samuel up for a swimming class recently. He was torn between the badminton lesson or the swimming lesson and so were we.
At the end though, we decided that badminton can wait and swimming sounds more fun…

But really, one of the major factor for our decision is that both of us ol’ bone need to catch up on our badminton before we could coach our boy :p

Samuel has just had his first class and he is not not-liking it so far. That’s a good start.

Jia you !

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Tree

We decided to get a tree this year. It has been long but it seems right to get it this year.
Perhaps, space has something to do with it ; )

Hard at work

Gold theme

With hints of red

And cooper
Mei Mei calls this ding dong ding

The kids absolutely love it

Monday, December 02, 2013

A Crowded KLCC in August 2013

And now, resuming our day programme after a long hiatus, here’s the snapshot of our Day 2 August 2013 Holiday in KL …..

Day 2 saw Mommy regained some of her mojo …....Not too much but enough to be irritated by inconsiderate visitors at the KLCC Park.

We had our breakfast at one of our favorite restaurant in the morning before adjourning to the park.

But boy oh boy… the crowd was unimaginable. We were right when we assumed that the road in KL would be relatively less busy and we had anticipated that there would be a large crowd at KLCC. What we did not expect was the bluntness of the visitors at the park. Some of the tourists have no sense what-so-ever and just grab any kids around to snap photos…..
Mommy was beyond furious. There was this one tourist that followed us with his camera even after Mommy declined to his request of snapping photos.

Furious beyond words!!

After a short but fun playtime at the park, lunch followed. We couldn’t get a seat at the restaurants in KLCC due to the large crowd, so we made our way out…

And had a great Hakka lunch nearby Big Jiu Jiu’s place.  Maximum satisfaction :D

Second half of the day was more relaxing.

There’s no place like home….
And some petai supper to end the day after we pick-up Hanxin Kor Kor and Fyone Yee Yee from the airport : )


Samuel has been waiting for this since the Rhyme Recitation Competition concluded earlier in the year. We were informed by his teachers that he has won an award then. 
The school does not do numbers placing for winners, instead they catergorise prizes into Excellent and Special Awards and to be given to a few winners.

Samuel won the Excellent Award for this competition. Though a long wait, we have expected it. The trophy was only given during the last week of the schooling week during a prize presentation ceremony together with several other competitions.

But this came as a total surprise. We did not even know there was a Mathematic Quiz going on :O
And Samuel won the special prize :D

He is absolutely ecstatic.

We are too.

Proud of you boy : )