Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Are Back!

The last we left, we wished everyone a Happy Holidays..
And what an awesome long long holiday it has been.

It’s hard to imagine but the last few months would best be described as a super-long-adrenaline-packed -marathon run. Mommy couldn’t recall a single second where we don’t have no nothing to do.
We were that busy.

Mommy would very much like to sum-up some major happenings in a few photologs to come but first thing first, lets continue where we left off last year, our August holiday in KL.

The last day itinerary was light, no planned outings but family time.
Greeted the morning with iPad
Gal opted for the green and the pink
The good ol’ days pre-iPad
Visited new cousin but did not get a shot with new cousin then.
A shot with Jie Jie will do for now la

Daddy joined us at lunch too, his stopover in KL enroute Penang ex Vietnam.
Another cake for Alaina for her year-two birthday then.
Before we left KL.
Until next gathering, signing out with cupcakes : )