Wednesday, May 07, 2014

2013 KL Trip Write up

  1. We Love School Holidays
    Love them even more if the bugs stay away
  2. A super crowded KLCC
    A place we won't recommend
  3. Kidzania KL
    A place where the kids rule and the adults serve
  4. Until Next Gathering

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Past Months Haps

The perk of having a journal blog…. an active one if I may add, is that we can always check back our haps and non-haps.

Mommy was looking back at some logs on our little ones and is amazed at how much they have grown from last we check-in.

Alaina was all babies, cheeky and bubbly then, a few months ago.
Now she seems so mature. Make no mistake, she is still babyish, cheeky and bubbly now at 2 and a half years old. It’s just that she talks so soundly, thinks so reasonably and acts so girly that you couldn’t help but think… wow she is a big gal now.

She is at a healthy weight and height, 13.8kg and 92cm respectively.

We have done away with the diaper during the day since more than 2 months ago but still put her on diaper during sleeping time, though on most occasions, the diaper remains dry.

She picks out her own clothes and is very vocal on fashion choices. Pink, yellow and purple are her current color of choice.

She is very good in talking and forming thoughts. Her logic processing is blowing our mind off. She can intelligently piece together surrounding conversations and happenings and figure out her next course actions. For instance, when we prohibit her to play with the phone and tell her that the battery has gone dead, she knows she needs to bring the phone to the charger and that she’ll have to wait for the phone to be charged.
Or when Big Yee Yee is asking for help to locate her bag, Alaina knows exactly where it is; in the store room where she would be putting Yee Yee’s bag, where the bag belongs :p

We have changed Alaina routine to the daycare here since a month ago. We have long planned for it; we deliberated if we could start her back in January but decided that April would be a better time for a change; more time to prepare our gal and Mommy would be more focus after her big project too.
As with most toddlers, Alaina had separation anxiety. She would cry and she would hang-on tight to us every morning when we dropped her. Although it was all expected, it’s still heartbreaking to see our gal dry every morning,
Thank goodness our gal adjusts rather quickly. She only cried during the time when we dropped her and will be all chirpy for the remaining day. She is also fast to keep up with her kindy activities and participates well.
It comes sooner than we have thought; less than a month later, we are enjoying cry-free morning now.

Bravo Gal!

As for our boy, he is growing up to be a fine young man… in front of our eyes. Loud at times but fine nevertheless.

We can only say that we are mighty proud of him, he is mature beyond his age.
A young boy when he plays, a young man when he speaks and a young brother when he protects.

He is happy that he got a place in the class that he wanted to in primary 2.
And may be a little too happy we think. As he seems to take school homework and studying a little too lightly now.

He has started his catechism class this year and also continued with his swimming lesson under another coach. Good progresses; both fronts.

The only quibbles that we couldn’t stand at times…. his eating habit. Selectively picky and on rice only.
Why is that so we wonder? He can gallop fish and chips in seconds and wallop whole plate of omelette.
But couldn’t find the love for rice and veges.

We are still waiting for the day to come when he’ll ask for his second bowl.