Monday, July 14, 2014

Princess Dresses and Boy Shorts

Then, Alaina was all about pink and girly dresses. A few moons ago however, she only wanted tees and shorts, and at times rejecting dresses so fiercely that we thought we oughta write princess off her list…

It took us some time to figure it out but we finally cracked the mystery. No, Alaina is still girly at heart, it’s just that we our gal has acquired the art off dressing and undressing herself.

And she prefers to do it with tees and shorts
rather than dresses with zipper and button sand sashes

We had not have the chance to pen it down but Alaina's fine motor skills development is excellent. She can dress and undress herself, button and unbutton though at times it’ll take her hours, she can work with the scissors, spoon and fork, and pen, and draw circle,…heh she can even write the ABÉ.
Not tracing, not with reference… but actual writing on a piece of paper when asked to do so.

If you see hard enough, you’ll be able to see an abstract ‘E’.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Check Out 'em Smile

It has been so long, we do not know where to begin.

Before we start with a long and winding photolog though, shall we have a quick fix with some cutey shots first?

I am cheeky

Cheeky two!