Sunday, August 24, 2014

Alaina Turns THREE

I am 3 years old
We are having a lunch gathering
While Mummy is busy at the kitchen,
I am tasked with mingling with guests
Mommy cooks Curry Fish Head
And Trotters Vinegar
And Broccoli with Baby Carrots with Mushrooms

And Prawn Omelet

And my favorite, Steamed Herbs Chicken

This is my ABC cake which I helped errr… led to design
Butter muffin by Grandpa
Happy Birthday to me,
luv the songs
Luv blowing the candles
I am super happy
With Grandma and Grandpa
Big Yee Yee, Jiu Mu and Jiu Jiu
And cutting the cake
And a kiss for Mommy
Being a good host
Bye Bye
A Pink Bicycle!
I likey
And my prezzies
I am reading… err Mommy is reading
Luv the drawing 
Have (two) wheels, will travel!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cowboy Star

One of the parties that Samuel would always look forward to, is his day care annual Children Party. And why would he not. His day care throws awesome children party. Last year theme was cartoon characters… or something to that effect.

Being the busy bees we were then, it was not until almost the very last minute that Mommy threw together his outfit.
Not that it’s hard, but to get the buy off from our opinionated boy ain’t easy. He’ll only wear costumes he fancies; else he’d rather go as average Joe :p

Short of time, the best course to take then was to build something up from existing resources.

 This awesome cowboy hat that we have seemed like a good start
 Then we casted a little magic on Mommy’s scarf to make the bandana
 Next, a little wonder made by tali rafia and plastic straw.
With some brown tape later, the whip looked perfect!

And of course, not forgetting the plain ol’ plaid pattern shirt, a pair of rugged jeans and a kickin’ attitude

A Cowboy Star is born!

Monday, August 11, 2014


We have almost a year long photos archive yet to be edited. Looking back into the album, it was around then that Alaina learnt how to use the camera and judging from our archive, her skill has improved tremendously. There are more shots able to see the daylight now : )

And speaking of our year-long photos archive…. better late than never?
Here’s some of our favorites shots

 When Mommy and Daddy was away in Japan
The boy was pampered to the core by Yee Yee, Jiu Jiu and Jiu Mu
Back in Bidor for some kampong flavor
Our gal approves

A little nature in the city
At Tropical Spice Garden
Joining Kor Kor at the 3D Museum
Masak-Masak time at home
A little Christmas gathering with friends
Gigantic prezzie display
And then Chinese New Year came
The family is getting bigger
It's the year of the Horse
At the Project Occupy Beach Street
Ernest Zacharevic, Art is Rubbish/Rubbish is Art  Solo Exhibition
At the old Hin Company Bus Depot
Survived the Wild Forest Maze by 1st Avenue…. twice!
Who is that?
A pitstop break taking a photo of us taking a photo of her :p
Popo’s birthday
With the grandkids sans one
At the Hard Rock for Big Yee Yee’s birthday dinner
Funny faces at favorite tang yuan joint
World Cup!