Monday, September 01, 2014

He Swims

The swimming courses at our recreation club are arranged in such that there would be 8 sessions per every course. And learners are required to sign-up per courses instead of sessions; one course at a time.

After a course last year though, Samuel did not pick-up much. Perhaps missing a few sessions had something to do with it. Perhaps getting through that first barrier is more difficult than we have thought. Samuel learnt the breathing and kicking technique but far from swimming.

We decided then to take a break from his lessons as Mommy was too tight-up with work earlier this year and those weekends schedule then were not working for us. We would have to miss a lot of the sessions if we continue to take another course there and then.

A few months had passed since. The fire in Samuel is still burning strong and he still wanna learn how to swim. We are not about to give up of course. So we signed Samuel up for another course as soon as time permitted us, under another coach on another time slot.

Not too sure why; perhaps the timing is right or perhaps the coaching is, this time round though, we could see progress. Samuel managed to float beautifully on his very first class. It was amazing seeing him progresses bit by bit.

Half way through his second course under this coach, he swims! Unaided!

 Holding his breath

Not pro, not swimming like a fish yet. But swimming nevertheless.

Great job Samuel!