Friday, January 02, 2015

The Transformer Party

Planning for the party this round ain’t that strenuous. We have the benefits of experiences.
Not that we are experienced (ahem) party planner but hey, it’s a kid’s party, there’s couldn’t be any wrong.
Kids don’t care much about food, or favors, or settings. Adults do.
Kids will be happy all the same, so long as they could get-together and play.
But then, great theme, appropriate food and good company do make a better party…. don’t ya’ think?

Samuel requested for a Transformer theme party for his birthday just passed. And yup, that ain’t hard. Transformer was the flavor of 2014.

Similar to previous years, we formed a small committee to oversee invitation card designing, halal food sourcing, games playin’, kids chaperoning …..

And couriered to our door-step no less.: ) Thanks Big Jiu Jiu
r.s.v.p was made easier by this very thoughtful card which comes with a reply slip : )


Bit size food made up a big chunk of the party food

Snacks selection for the kids

For ‘em adults
And drinks for all
Transformable toy for the champions and self-construct toy for the runners-up.

Light chess while waiting for the party to come
Vanguard fans
Care for some light reading too?
Gals unite

Bon App├ętit
The cake
The group
… sans a few
The candle and the singing
And the cake cutting
The target
Survivors from the Hasbro D.O.T.M series,
not the latest flavor.
Dividing the kids into 3 groups
Nerf gun shooting competition
Ouch... the transformers
Siaran tergendala sebentar
Our camera lady had to double as a game master during our second game….;
using a tooth pick to pass the rubber band 
A long process to break the tie
The score
The prize giving ceremony
Happy bunch
Happy Birthday Dear

Thursday, January 01, 2015


We have a lot to say
Don’t get us wrong
We ain’t going anywhere
Just ain’t no time to log on
Allow us to rectify that
Lets start with small chat
How ‘ya goin mate?
We are busy but we are back
A party to celebrate
We did not forget
Our boy turned 8
Months ago, no less
Better late and never
An ‘ol saying so true
So, one first here
A group photo for you.

: )
Happy Birthday Dear