Thursday, January 28, 2016

2015 in Photos - Farm in the City and i-City

Yup. We're gonna keep on with updates everyday until we clear all 2015 backlogs....

We drove to KL after the super packed Sekinchan trip. After being ‘fried’ for a good half of the day, Big Jiu Jiu’s pool had never been so tempting.

Awesome dip

The next morning, Mommy and the kids skipped the book fair visit at the KL Convention Center. Mommy has yet to recover from our last bad experience, it will take us some time before we go back to KLCC again.
We spent the morning leisure-ing at Mid Valley and the afternoon here when Big Yee Yee and Big Jiu Jiu rejoined us.

The place is called Farm in the City. 
A village theme petty zoo among the busy-ness of the metropolis.

Samuel eased into the petting in no time 

The gal though, required some cajoling

Pet feed was given free then. Included in the entrance ticket we suppose.

Longkang fishing

The gal was very pleased with her catch

Pet roaming free, see the tree!

Warming up to the rabbits

The bids find liking in the boy

Gal initially OK-ed the pony ride by cold-feet when it was her turn. 
We had 2 ride-tickets… so Samuel went twice : )

A surprisingly well-kept, cleaned and friendly petting zoo. Thumbs-up for the crew.

Our outing continued another 30km or so away in Shah Alam. Mommy had heard rave reviews about the Klang Bak Kut Teh and had long to try, didn’t have the chance till then. It did not disappoint. But that’s not our intended destination. We went here together with Small Yee Yee and family too.


Not our first visit but the place has changed. Like an ill maze, it took us awhile to figure out where was the entrance gate.

We purchased entrance tickets to kids play area with credits enough for the kids to play 2 rides each. Not cheap. We are not liking the concept, but that was back in 2015. We heard the management has changed the entrance concept again.

The kids had fun nevertheless. 

Albeit the area we went to was way tinier 

and lights on display were less as compared to our last visit.

We might go back again

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015

In the spirit of writing, this is a journal afterall, we would like to tell a tale. A slightly whiny tale.

This photo, or the lack of it has a story.

It was the Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015.

The buzz was building up quite prettily leading to the big fiesta. The kids were looking forward to it, or rather Mommy was. We have never attended the Putrajaya fiesta before, so naturally felt excited with the inaugural hot air balloon in Penang.

We went on the second day near to noon. We knew that there would be a long queue for the balloon ride but thought of going just to catch a glimpse of the balloons… which we did not. There was no balloon due to protocol, ain’t no hot air could be burnt during day time.... Which we understood, so we made plans to go back in the late evening to catch the glow in the dark hot air balloon show.

We left that afternoon feeling a bit disappointed because there ain’t no mock balloon on display too, not even a tiny one. Browsing and eating stalls were limited sad to say.

Knowing the schedule then already, we made sure we arrived on time for the night show…..But how disappointing again. Due to non-favorable wind, the balloon show was canceled. The organizer proceeded with the hot air fire show; there was fire but no balloon… Ain’t no idea what’s the point.

We left the fiesta feeling empty again. When we asked the kids if they would want to come again this year… both gave a nay.

We went to a hot air balloon fiesta… twice with no balloon in sight, no mock balloon either, only lots of hot air!  

2015 in Photos - Road Trip to, in part, Sekinchan

We traveled quite a fair bit in year 2015; road trips locally and abroad. Continue from where we left off last, here’s the set of photos from July 2015 Raya Holiday road trip.

We planned a 4D/3N trip from PEN to Bidor to Sekinchan to KL. Small Jiu Jiu and Jiu Mu only joined us for the Bidor trip, while Fyone Yee Yee and Hanxin Kor Kor could only made it for the first 3 days, and the KL convoy joined us in and out throughout. Still an enormous group.

 All of us met in Bidor for a get-together makan-makan

We had both steamboat

And bbq

Food aplenty here

Kids too, 
aplenty :p

The many thousands of happy faces

We need a separate post just for the poses

Kampung flavor fun time

Simple and …. low tech

A contented Po Po

Scenery of pure kampong style makan-makan

Another cheeky pose before we called it a day ….

Agenda for the next day is Sekinchan ….

A group photo before we hit the road

Our 3-cars convoy reached Sekinchan late in the morning

The Tree House at Pantai Redang

Improvised use of old chair


Big Jiu Jiu is showing how it is done

Pull and pull

Yes! it’s up in the sky

Scorching sun on barren land…

The kids played bubble too besides kite

We headed to the paddy field after the obligatory seafood lunch

Barren again

In the Paddy Factory.
A tour cost us RM5 (if memory din fail Mommy) per pax

Taking care of ‘lil sister

Another group photo before we called it another day

Perhaps it is due to the lack of tall buildings in Sekinchan, or the scattered big trees or the huge paddy field, but Sekinchan to us is one of the sunniest, warmest and dustiest place we have visited. Or may be it's just the dry season.
All of us got us some healthy tan after the trip!.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2015 in Photos - Part Deux.0

We brought the kids to the Lost World of Tambun for the n-times. We are fast becoming a regular, so much that Mommy is contemplating signing-up for annual pass : D

It was during the mid-term school holiday last year, we went together with Po Po and Small Yee Yee’s family. But there ain’t no photos taken, baffled Mommy why too. Hmm…..

We stayed at the resort overnight but checked out early the next morning to head to the Taiping zoo.
Ain’t no photos taken here too either, except for these two. No idea if they have been  lost in transition? Ain’t no time to solve that riddle.

Small Yee Yee together with the kids and Po Po went back to Bidor and KL after the zoo, we stayed on another night for go-see in Taiping.

We went to the lake

Mei Mei skipped the walk half way.
While Daddy made a u-turn and accompanied Mei Mei to rest, 

Mommy and Samuel marched on

We stayed at the Golden Roof hotel, family suite…. It was super big with a king size and 2 twin beds. We totally recommend it.

We went to the museum the next day before headed home

Not our first trip

Classic Rolls Royce

And other antiques

And photolog to be continued in next post......