Thursday, February 25, 2016

2015 in Photos - Road Trip to, in part, Gopeng, Ipoh and Trong

Beautiful weather greeted us the next morning at the Adeline Villa.

Missing all the sport activities the day before as Small Jiu Jiu and Jiu Mu only joined us later in the afternoon… and because of the night rain,
they were more than happy to chaperon the kids for ATV ride on our second day.  

Actually, a lot more of us would like to try the ATV but unfortunately, the resort only had 2 working vehicles.  So we only signed up for 4 pax.

Training at the villa open area

Trunk road through the plantation

Arrived at intended destination

Where’s that?

What’s there to see?

Hint: camouflage in the grass... see closely

The Rajah Brooke :O

And hotspring

Cool… we mean hot…. errr cool :p

Thumbs up for the nice leisurely ride

On the way back… with strict supervision….
look who’s driving :D

A group photo before our next destination

We had a 4-cars convoy

1st car wefie

2nd car

Next was a 20km or so upnorth drive to Ipoh Foh San for lunch and mural hunting around Ipoh old town. We did not manage to see all the murals, but most. It was quite a challenge to walk around the town with active kids in midst of a drizzle.

A Cuppa  


Paper Plane

Black Coffee

We also drove by to see the humming bird and tin mining …. to lazy to snap pictures in the rain :p

Next-up, the place that we did not get to see fully due to heavy rain during our last visit

The Trong Leisure Farm

To see mostly duck .. though there might be other stuff to see as well.

Duck feeding

The gal is not a fan of furry creature lingering around her feet no matter how tame they are

Gotta be at least 3 feet away

More duck feeding by the lake while waiting for the Pedal Boat Ride

Nope, still ain’t going near

Samuel and Hanxin could handle the pedals ‘emselves

The gal had to be chaperoned

Enjoyed all the same

Cheers…. to more future road trips…

Back to the Nature Holiday 2105

We have another story to tell….
But since we are so spoilt by the convenience of photo-posts, smiley buttons, 140 characters limit tweet….we ain’t gonna write a 1000 words essay.

Instead, we’ll list down our thoughts in bullet points. 
  • We went to the Adeline Villa and Rest House for a back to nature holiday end of last year.
  • The place is in the middle of a rain forest.
  • Lots of insects and ants and other nature creatures could be seen roaming around. Not that we’re complaining, coming from a kampong
  • Villas and bamboo houses a bit dusty, again not complaining. It’s a village
  • Fans are not really needed in the middle of the night. It was super cooling for us sleeping above crystal clear stream of water.
  • The back-to-nature rumah bamboo stay is clearly not for the weak hearted!
  • Guests are required to wash their own dishes after meal.
  • Wide variety of food but only small portion of food on will be served on tray and would only be replenished if they ran out.
  • We did not plan or purchase any sport activities package in advance. All were purchased adhoc after we’ve check-in, reason because we couldn’t be sure which activities would be suitable for the kids until we see the place ourselves.
  • The crews were very polite and accommodating
  • They had no qualms bringing us (in their bike) to our rest house which was ~300m away from the main villas, in the middle of the night. Others might have pull a long face already ....
  • They assigned 2 guides; a guy and a lady to bring Small Jiu Jiu and Jiu Mu for the night walk; even for only 2 guests. :O
  • Unfortunately, 5 mins into the walk, it started to rain. After 10 mins sheltering at the rumah bamboo lobby, the guide walked back to the villa in the rain alone, all drench to drive a van over to pick-up Small Jiu Jiu and Jiu Mu back to the villa.Talk about good service….. :O.
  •  Although we have already checked out and had all our 3 meals included in our stay, the owner still went extra mile to tapau the air-tebu for Hanxin from the kitchen…. because Hanxin likes air-tebu :p  She also gave free ice-creams for the kids, just because. Now, that’s what we called good service. :O
  • Did we also mention that all the sports guides and crew there multitask? The same rafting instructor would also double as the ATV guide. The front desk officer would double as night walk guide. The porter doubled as cafĂ© tender ….. :O

What we are trying to say is, we see that community value is still appreciated here. We left the place one happy bunch.

And that’s end of our story telling : )

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2015 in Photos - Road Trip to Gopeng

Yup, another road trip, the last for last year.

It was the school holiday. We wanted to try something different, away from the holiday crowd. Initially we thought of going all out, back-to-the-nature style camping, but alas practicality prevailed. Ain’t easy camping with 5 kids and one baby.

We checked out a place highly recommended by Big Jiu Jiu’s friend, full board stay at a resort in the middle of the Gopeng rainforest. We bought both their villa and rest house stay package. One with air-cond room and bathroom attached while the other was back-to-nature rumah bamboo stay with communal bathroom… For one simple reason, the cost. All the kids, their chaperons and Po Po stayed at the villas while the few adventurous us, stayed at the rumah bamboo. Best to experience nature that way.

Before we set off, the customary makan-makan gathering at our ‘ol kampong.

It’s western style food this time

Roasted chicken with vegetables

Sun-dried tomato penne

We put the kids in costume
Those are not taekwondo uniforms but Jedi.. sans the robe… and that the beige-brown is a few shades off… as we couldn’t find the fabric.

The kids love ‘em all the same.

The party

After breakfast the next day, we set off…

To Adeline Rest House in Gopeng

Lots of nature treasure to see


Our villa

We broke into 2 groups for the first day activities. Each adult would buddy a kid.

The ‘younger’ crowd went for trekking and waterfalls visit

 While the ‘older’ crowd went for white water rafting. 
Yes, the kids were game for it.

No photos from the trekking group as the chaperons were too handful….literally  :p As for the rafting group, all photos were taken by our guide team :p

Very important briefing by our instructor; safety and stuff.
We learnt a few new words that day; boom-boom, jump-jump :D

Our raft with our instructor, all in pedaling position

The crew was using a normal digital camera in a casing to snap all the pictures. We have no idea how they managed to capture some of our photos in motion. They clicked very fast?
The following shows a click-by-click of one of our drop. No editing

A small drop

Then up again

And then another

A big one

We were still above the water

The instructor was the one doing all the pedaling

We were trained briefly but we doubted if we were at help at all

We survived


High five

In boom-boom position, all in

Rest in-midst
The water was carrying Hanxin away 

Before long, all was floating too 

A final drop before we called it a trip

There aren’t many rivers that are suitable for this type of sport here. Although we did not plan on going white-water-rafting in advance, we were sold immediate when we reached Adeline Rest House. It’s a different kinda experience

Totally worth trying.

Back to our villa after a ride at the back of a pick-up lorry…. 
(yup, don’t ask)

A sumptuous dinner. 
Thumbs-up for their cook. They cooked delicious food

A log cake we brought from our ‘ol kampong for supper

Pre-bedtime play