Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Chocolate Story

It goes like this….

The kids have been looking to get ‘lil souvenirs from this road trip since our very 1st night in Setiu but nothing get nods from both the kids and Mommy until Cameroon Highlands. Samuel found his perfect ‘lil gifts that are easy on his pockets and signature to Cameroon Highlands.

There’s a sweet story behind these chocolates

The boy had wanted to buy gifts for his tuition teachers and Big Yee Yee, Small Jiu Jiu, Jiu Mu and Grandpa and Grandma, using his own $$ saved in his coin jar. After calculating left and right, he settled with chocolate that goes for 3 for RM10.
He bought 6 with one reserved for a mystery ‘friend’.
He also let his little sister chose one choc of her choice. Not sensitive to the value of $$ yet, of course the gal chose a bigger packed of choc with the nicer packaging that’s 5x the budget :O. The boy almost fell off his chair but still subsidized his sister’s gift.
Sweet #1

When the boy got home, he realized that he was short of 1 gift to be given to the uncle who chauffeur him back from school. Mommy was fast to suggest that since he has 1 extra chocolate for the mystery friend, why not give that to the uncle instead?
That’s when Alaina let the cat out of the bag. The last reserved chocolate for the mystery ‘friend’ was intended as a surprise thank you gift for Mommy and Daddy.
Sweet # 2!

Our Darlings never fail to surprise us.
Lots of love XoXo

Monday, November 28, 2016

From Trengganu to Kelantan to Pahang to Perak to Kedah and back to Penang

Wow, that's a mouthful!

We planned for a slightly different route from Trengganu back to Penang mainly because we would like to stop by Tasik Kenyir.
We don’t go to that part of Malaysia often. If we take a raincheck last September, we do not know when will another opportunity come along that we will be able to visit this majestic largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia. We also plan for a visit to the Sungai Ketiar Elephant Sanctuary before Tasik Kenyir but have difficulty zero-in-on the place. Waze couldn’t bring us there and locals too, do not seemed to be aware of this sanctuary.

We ended up here. 

The admission tickets to the Kenyir Elephant Village is pricey. With an hour or so before last call, we went in anyway. We have after all, planned to visit the elephant sanctuary, albeit a different one.
The Elephants were taking their bath when we entered. 

We walked through their viewing tower

Around 7-8 towers connected through suspension bridge what are built around trees.

Awesome architecture

We only saw one elephant from the towers, the rest were bathing we were told.

After the walk and a short wait, the elephants were done with their bath at the nearby river and were ready for close encounter session with guests.

We got to pat them, feed them… they look healthy. The crew are helpful and friendly, and know the ins and outs about elephants. We were told that all the elephants in the sanctuary were rescued from nearby forest; some as old as 30 over years old and some are young baby elephants.
We did not stay too long as we have another stop before the night rest.

The Tasik Kenyir

We only got to see the lake and nothing else.

No lake activities available no more as we reached near to 6.

After an even shorter stop at Tasik Kenyir, we continued our drive to Gua Musang. The initial drive was scenic and leisurely. The winding road did not bother us much as the traffic was not heavy. The longer we drove though, the more we felt the road was endless….But really, it was only a 2.5 hours drive before we reached Welcome Inn GM, the inn we've pre-booked ourselves in. Somehow, it felt longer than that.

The kids love this stop; the room was comfy, TV was good, easy access to food

Our final day itinerary was to continue to drive back to Penang and stop at whichever rest stop that’s convenient for lunch.

We stopped by Kampung Raja Cameroon Highlands.

This picture tells a story. 
The kids wanted to take a picture with the frame but Mei Mei was not tall enough. So the big Kor Kor carried her.

We think the Green View Garden is new and custom-made for tourist to stopover. They have lunch and all that you could find in Cameroon Highlands. ‘Ya don’t need to enter into Ringlets or Tanah Rata to Binchang to see them, they have ‘em all here.


Pretty flowers



Hydroponics vegetables

Light play for kids





It’s a great break before we continued the winding drive back to Simpang Pulai and then a smooth highway drive back to Penang.

We were overdose with winding roads but this road trip earned 2 thumbs up from both kids.
Hubby and I would most definitely do it again.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Road Trip To Pulau Redang - The Logs

We did not take much photos in Redang as a big chunk of our time there were spent on snorkeling which isn’t exactly camera friendly. We did not prepare the underwater camera this time. 
After a lengthy post laden with words, here’s a post laden with pictures : ) 

The 1st photo of our trip was only taken after we reached our 1st overnight stop at the Peladang Setiu Agro Resort. We did not take any on-the-road photos, the photographer on duty was down with dizziness :p

A short night walk after dinner before retreated to bed early.

We did not stay long the next morning either. Just enough to check out the place a bit.

In the ferry on our way to Pulau Redang 

Hello Pulau Redang

The resort sent a buggy for us

Redang Reef Resort, here we come!

This is how clear the water was…
Photo taken from the boardwalk to our resort ~ 20-30 feet above. we could still see the through the water :O

Our quad room
(please excuse us for the mess)

Lunch companion 

After lunch, it was snorkeling at open sea.
The boy took only a few minutes to get hooked. Mommy and Daddy gotta take turns to buddy him throughout the 45 mins snorkel, he did not take any break and only got back to the boat when our guide signaled the last call. A very  good stamina this boy has.
The gal couldn’t find her mojo and contented with staying up on the boat watching her brother snorkeled. She enjoyed the clear water though, we could see through the coral with naked eyes.
Lots of coral around but live ones are scarce. A sad sight as compared to Mommy’s first visit more than a decade ago.

Sand is more her thing than the open sea. The gal played the powdery sand everyday without fail during our time there. 
Luckily there’s beach next to the marine park where we went snorkeling the next day. Gal was not short of any fun since she had sand to play with. Otherwise Mommy might skip the marine park trip to accompany the gal to stay back at the resort.  

Dinner at the resort. 
We signed up for the full board package; main meals and snorkeling trips included.

Gorgeous view from our dinner table

We had a few after dinner at the open pub next door

The gal had her 1st lantern procession of the year

The next day afternoon, we took a break from the afternoon open sea snorkeling as were planning to go for the turtle snorkeling trip later in the evening.

Pool game break

Smoothie break

Photo-time break

On the boardwalk to our resort

To our disappointment, the turtle trip was canceled as there ain’t enough sign-ups.. 
we killed time then with more photo-taking.

By the beach

Redang Reef Resort


Second lantern procession of the year

These are from our last morning in Redang before the dawn breaks

Mommy got up early to catch the sunrise

Sunrise at 6.35am, Pulau Redang

More sand play before farewell

Shot with best morning lights

Bye-bye Pulau Redang.
We’ll come back again