Monday, November 07, 2016

Low battery is not in our vocabulary

Our evening programme at Paradise Valley continued with this

The hint is its background

It's red, it lit, it flies 

Bottom view

Creative shot by Jiu Mu

And up it goes

The sky that night was made even prettier by floating sky lanterns. We had initially bought a few for the kids to try ‘em out. Before long, other guests joined the fun too and the valley crew actually told us that they have not had any sky lantern lit for quite some time before we came. They almost ran out of lanterns : )
The kids had fun, they wrote wishes on the lanterns. Those who couldn’t write, drew :O. Each of the lanterns that we lit managed to float and flew up high into the sky. Pretty!

We then had more futsal fun at the futsal court before cheeky Hanxin Kor Kor brought a cake out

Happy Birthday to Fyone Yee Yee

With tummies full with cakes, we closed the night out.

And got up at 5am the next morning

For a morning hike up to Broga Hill to see the sunrise. 
It was near pitch dark, we gotta use torch lights to aid our way. No worries though, we hike together with the resort guide. We ain’t that adventurous to hike alone not knowing the way.

We used the resort entrance to a hilly trail. It’s a different trail from the one entered before Semenyih town. The resort trail required trekking up, steep hill on muddy earth…. Tough! 

We made it to the top on time to catch glimpse of the rise

The top is formed by a few scattered big rocks, hardly any flat land for us to loiter around.

We hang on long enough until the sky turned bright and made our way down, still with a guide. They wouldn’t let us out of their sight even though the day had woken up : )

With the day brighter now, we could see more nature crawlies

Can you see the ‘rabbit’?

And 2 rainbows…..
what a beautiful day!

After breakfast, it was all free and easy before we check-out

The kids played with beetles.Plenty around the resort

Of course the gal picked the pink one to pose with : )

One more Broga Hill specialty to try before we bid the town farewell

The ikan bakar bamboo 

It did not disappoint : )

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