Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Queen for Children Day, A Demoiselle for Christmas Bash

Now that Samuel has grown-up, he doesn’t fancy dressing-up no more….
Not that he likes to before, it’s just that he doesn’t mind costuming up for parties then. Now, he feels odd simply because his peers do not. The last he donned a costume was probably his Star-Wars wrap last year,

and as Barney 2 years ago for a Children Day party.

For Christmas parties, he is contented with red, green and white color shirt-pants. No fancy cutesy suit…. Ah well, less one thing for Mommy to busy with.

For Alaina though, she is still very much in her pretty princesses’ phase. She loves to dress-up but only if she has a say in her costumes selection.

It was Alice in Wonderland for her Kindy Children Day party just passed… But Alaina ain’t wanna be Alice, not if it’s a blue dress. Mommy suggested Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum; not too complicated for Mommy to tackle and more importantly, Mommy can prepare a pair for both the gal and the boy. Samuel shot down the idea almost immediately :p

So, the googling for the costume continued, but not for long. The gal made up her mind on Queen of Hearts as soon as she saw the long flowy red maxi, very pretty. The dress might be a bit complicated to DIY but nothing that Mommy couldn’t handle.
Our plan was to improvise her readily available dresses. But as usual, Mommy got carried away…. Mommy ‘accidentally’ found a Red Riding Hood costume from the Balloon Wonderland. How accidental, is open for interpretation as there is nothing accidental about walking into a party supplies store :p
With a little touch up, the dress could totally be remade into a Queen of Hearts costume.

We just need little heart cutouts

And a hand-sewn DIY red hip wrap

And a charming little Alaina, with crown and sceptre

All her teachers sported costumes too 

Seeing double!

The kids’ Kindy always throw great parties for ‘em kids.

And oh, for Alaina’s Christmas party,

She went full gear as the super happy Red Riding Hood!

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