Friday, December 02, 2016

Girls Weekend Out

Mommy still remembers those days when Alaina was a baby and that she would wail every time we travelled by car. She just ain’t like it to be in the car seat, she wanted to be carried all the time. We used to plan our travel around her napping time to minimize ‘em howling.
There was a time when we thought she inherited mommy’s motion sickness as she would exhibit uneasiness and extreme dislike to travelling. Those were the days….

Ain’t no more the case now. Our gal loves a ride. It doesn’t matter if it’s by the car or flight, she likes to see the world. When Mommy needed a travelling companion to KL last month, the gal had no problem filling in the shoes. She’s OK with long travel on the road with Mommy…. alone :O
That’s how we ended up with a gals only road trip.

It was Mommy, Big Yee Yee and Alaina on the way down and only Mommy with Alaina on the way up. A big hug for the gal,  she didn’t squeak even a bit throughout the 5 hours drive. A superb travelling partner she is.

Moving around KL now is made easier with the existence of ride-hailing services and the easy access mobile GPS. Mommy does not dread driving around KL no more. We did 2 light activities to fill the time while waiting to attend a dinner function.

The KL Bird Park.

The gal is not a fan of mingling with birds roaming freely, she rather view them from afar or ‘em in another coop entirely. This explains why she hurriedly walked past birds in KL Bird Park but will stop and admire ‘em birds in the Penang Bird Park. 
There’s a few stations that she enjoyed:

The walk through the Waterfall Aviary to the Children Playground

The amphitheatre where we watched the Birds Show, she especially trilled when the birds flew over her head in one of the act

The bird school and education station where there’s aircond :p

The Brahminy Land where we got to walk peacefully

The BulBul Land simple because the name of the land sounds cute

And of course the Hornbill Restaurant where we had our lunch; great food and awesome view

Her 2 least favourite station were the World of Parrot because the sharp chirping was giving her headache and the Flamingo Pond because there’s just too many flamingo free walking around terrorizing the place 

It was a great outing, we spent quality time chatting and enjoying nature.  A pity that we did not see any peacock fanning this round, Samuel caught a few the last we visited.

We’ll come again, shall we?

After dinner with Small Yee Yee’s family, we had the gals over and had a ‘slumber party’. Our idea of a slumber party was;
  • to camp out in the living room
  • to watch TV ‘till late in the night
  • and to snack our hearts out.
The next morning, Xuan Yi excused herself as she had a school activity to attend to. Mommy continued the morning programme with Alaina and Xuan Yi

Play time at Bukit Jalil Park

And then finally attended the dinner function for which Mommy came to KL for.

Lovely Couple

Not surprising that Alaina loves to attend wedding dinner.
She loves all things pretty

We left KL for Penang after a quiet breakfast the next morning, 

The gal had been an absolute Darling, perfect travel companion. 


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