Friday, December 09, 2016


Mommy comes from a kampong place where firefly thrived decades ago. There were times when firefly would just wander in and out our kampong house; we find it pretty magical as kids. We appreciate simple things then. Hey, it’s a bug that glows. How cool is that?

We’ve long thought of bringing Samuel and Alaina to see firefly in their natural habitat but have never materialised until recently.

A trip to Kuala Selangor has been a popular topic but the additional of 2 hours drive to the already long drive to KL is enough to deter us. The vague recollection of the few fireflies flying around in the dark during our Cherating visit does not help too, it’s discouraging to make such an effort to travel far to only see ‘em few miserable fireflies in pitch dark night in a dead silent sampan.
There were 2 opportunities where we came close but
  1. time did not permit us to hop over to see the firefly next door after our Trong Leisure Farm visit end of last year. We were all tired out and the convoys were on a timeline to head back home.
  2.  it was too early for firefly when we visited Kuala Sepetang last July.
So, when Big Yee Yee brought it up that there’s a firefly habitat merely 30 mins drive away from Penang, we felt so silly that we’ve searched high and low, far and away for places to see ‘em when they are just….here :p.

To Sungai Kerian Kelip Kelip, Nibong Tebal it is then!

But first, some makan-makan in Nibong Tebal

Awesome crab porridge

The café at the jetty serves pretty good crème brulee. 
The rest, range from OK to ...another OK

The collage is impressive too

As the ambiance, sans the sandflies

The company, all in a boat

Past experience told us not to set our expectation too high when one go for a firefly sighting trip, so imagine our delight when we got to see trees after trees filled with firefly flashing synchronously to a happy tune.  The kids were overjoyed.

We couldn’t get any good shot using our crappy non-pro camera cell but ya…. the claim is no fluke. They do look like thousands of stars blinking at ‘ya. And you don’t need to off your engine to drift in the dark to see the kelip-kelip, they’re just there.
The boatman told us that the kelip kelip were almost wiped out back in March due to the dry season. The eggs couldn’t survive the heat and there were only 2 trees left with survivors then. The locals thought that might be the end of ‘em but nature found its way. The colony pull through and now they are back. 
Yay! Go firefly!

A return boat trip took us only 30 mins or so but totally satisfactory. The charges were reasonable too. After the boat cruise, we still could find the time to supper before heading back to Penang.

Good food with good company.

The kids love the trip so much that we went back again 2 weeks after.

Reminiscing the ‘ol kampong fireflies

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